10 Most Powerful Sorcerers In DC Comics

The greatest wizards, magicians, and mystics in DC comic book history.

Doctor Fate DC Comics
DC Comics / Jim Lee

Superman. Batman. Wonder Woman. DC has an amazing roster of heroes, but often, readers forget who some of their most powerful characters are. Not alien refugees, not billionaire vigilantes, or Amazonian warriors, but the heroes and villains who keep to the shadows, dwell in windowless Towers, and frequent Liverpudlian pubs.

Not only are they some of the most powerful superheroes and supervillains ever created, but the characters appearing in the pages of DC Comics have also been some of the greatest magical characters ever published.

Armed with mystical spellbooks, iconic artifacts, God-like powers, wit, wisdom, and some of comics' coolest origin stories, these supernatural superbeings have been an underrated mainstay of the comics. From fallen angels to reincarnated wanderers, DC's rosters of sorcerers, wizards, and magic-men is impressive - and ridiculously powerful.

With every magical hero comes an equally deadly magical villain. Some of these enemies have terrorised the DC Universe since its inception, casting terrible spells and causing all kinds of chaos. Some of these characters are neither good nor bad, acting as manipulators, cosmic presences, omniscient narrators, and Spirits of Vengeance.

Regardless, these characters have been ever-present in the comics, either providing the necessary magical support to the mainstream heroes or threatening the universe's existence. Looking at the best occult characters that DC has conjured up, these are the 10 Most Powerful Sorcerers In DC Comics.

10. Madame Xanadu

Doctor Fate DC Comics
DC Comics

Appearing as a fortune teller, mystic, enchantress, and manipulator, Madame Xanadu has provided magical support for the heroes of DC Comics since 1978. Her 'Doorway to Nightmare' series featured characters discovering her magical shop and being relayed a tale of one of DC's magical characters she had crossed paths with.

Able to keep tabs on DC's powerful magic-users with ease and appear where the plot needs supernatural intervention, Xandu has been a mainstay in the DC Universe. A member of the supernatural teams the Sentinels of Magic and Justice League Dark, her presence usually means something cataclysmic is coming that only DC's most powerful sorcerers can tackle.

Originally born in Arthurian Times as the sister to Morgaine Le Fey, a powerful sorceress in her own right, Xanadu became the lover of Merlin but eventually bore a son to the ancestor of John Constantine. Sacrificing the child to receive more power, Merlin instead stripped her of all her abilities and cursed her to walk the Earth forever.

Unageing throughout history, Xanadu proceeded to use her magical knowledge to aid in revolutions, consult kings and their courts, overthrow governments, and assist in the age of heroism. She would slowly restore her magical abilities with help from John Zatara, Constantine, and manipulate others into helping her - even bartering her soul to the Demon Neron for more power.

A version of the character appeared in a minor role in DC Universe's 2019 Swamp Thing series, but Xanadu's magical presence and manipulations are worthy of their own show.


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