10 Most Powerful Swords In Comics History

These blades can do more than just slice and dice.

All-Black Necrosword Galactus
Marvel Comics

The sword may seem an old-fashioned weapon nowadays, but in the world of comics, the blade is still the weapon of choice for many heroes and villains alike. From katanas to Scottish broadswords, the variety of swords employed by some of our favorite characters can be quite staggering.

Though they may not be all that effective in a gunfight (unless you can stop bullets with your blade), swords are undeniably cool weapons. The sword has always been perceived as a more or less noble weapon and so by extension, sword wielders tend to command more respect than gunslingers would. Besides, it takes real guts to use nothing but a blade against an army of trigger-happy opponents.

Many comic book characters, like Deadpool, Deathstroke, Katana and Magik have sharpened their sword wielding skills so that they could take down any enemy, but when you live in a world filled to the brim with superpowered individuals, magic users, monsters, gods and cosmic entities, a powerful blade can be more effective than even the most skilled warrior.

Throughout the history of comics there have been plenty of swords that could do more than just cut things. Whether forged by gods in the fires of cosmic events or created by sheer force of will, the blades on this list give their wielders an edge over the competition, as they’re imbued with enough power to seriously hurt immortal beings or cut the very fabric of the universe...


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