10 Most Quintessential 'Superman Moments' In Comic Book History

3. €œThe Real Deal€ €” Action Comics #796

In what could be considered the follow-up story to Action Comics #775, we have €˜Ending Battle,€™ chronicling the final battle between Superman and villain Manchester Black. It all comes to a head in the arc's final issue, in which Manchester Black does the unthinkable €” he murders Lois Lane. Superman flies into a rage, threatening to kill Black right then and there € but Black just mocks him. He€™s Superman, after all. He doesn€™t do that, remember? He doesn€™t have the guts. And in spite of fantasizing about murdering his enemy ... Superman agrees with him. Shocked that Supes won't betray his own set of morals, Black reveals that he never really killed Lois either €” it was all an illusion. All Black wanted was to make Superman kill him, just to prove a point .But once again, Superman beat Manchester Black fair and square. Dumbfounded, Black realizes that maybe the world isn€™t as awful and pointless as he once thought. Maybe Superman is not just a self-righteous hypocrite Black had taken him for. Maybe, just maybe, he€™s €œthe freakin€™ Real Deal.€ The entire €˜Ending Battle story arc admittedly piggybacks off the success of Action Comics #775. However, it is a worthy follow-up story, if only for the poignancy of its final issue.
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