10 Most Ridiculous Items Bullseye Has Killed With

9. Paper Clip

Bullseye 1
20th Century Fox

Less intense than the previous item, yet still just as lethal - Bullseye shows his talent when he kills a man with just a paper clip.

A mercenary with a knack for killing, Bullseye is one of the best marksmen in the Marvel Universe and has a unique ability to manufacture a weapon from anything. In Lester's hands, any item could be a weapon. He showcases this ability in the silver screen adaptation, Daredevil (2003) when he attacks and kills a patron in a bar after the victim makes the foolish error of ridiculing Bullseye.

Lester proves his ability when playing darts as he lands a bullseye with every dart. After this game, his opponent unwisely mocks him and earns himself five paper clips in his throat. A nod to the comics, where Bullseye also kills with the household item - however, in the original comic, the victim is a fly.


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