10 Most Sadistic Batman Villains Of All Time

10. Bane

Bane is a child of the 90€™s EXTREME-MAX era of comics. Famous for breaking Batman€™s back in the Knightfall story arc, Bane is the epitome of a 90€™s super villain: super strong and super violent. Hooked on a super steroid called Venom, Bane€™s super strength allowed him to cripple Batman: a task no other villain had achieved at that point in the history of Batman. Because Bane was so well received by the 90€™s EXTREME culture, he has managed to weasel his way from the comics to not one but TWO different Batman movies. Of course, there€™s his most recent appearance in the third instalment of the Nolan Trilogy; however, how can anyone forget his cinematic debut in the much loved, critically adored Batman and Robin (please note the sarcasm). There is an argument to be made that Bane is a bit of a one-trick-pony, a one-hit-wonder super villain: since his first appearance in Knightfall, the defining thing about this character is that he really likes breaking backs€ like a lot. Nevertheless, Bane is a solid Bat-villain. While super strong, Bane is also a master tactician. Every time this roided-out foe faces off against the Caped Crusader, he pushes our hero to a breaking point (pun intended).
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