10 Most Sadistic Batman Villains Of All Time

9. Two-Face (Harvey Dent)

Created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger, Two-Face holds a unique place within the Bat-verse due to his obsession with duality and early connection with both Bruce and Gordon. First introduced in Detective Comics #66 (1942), Two-Face was originally named Harvey Kent; however, it was later changed to €œDent€ to avoid any association with Clark Kent. After making only three appearances in the 1940€™s and two in the 50€™s, Two-Face was disappeared from comics in favour of more child-friendly Bat-rouges. During the 1970€™s the character underwent a major revival thanks to comics ledged Dennis O€™Neil, who reintroduced the character as one of Batman€™s major archenemies. After Frank Miller revised the Batman origin story in 1986€™s Batman: Year One, Andrew Helfer retconned Two-Face€™s story to fit Batman€™s new beginnings. Batman Annual #14 depicts Two-Face as a tragic character, who was an early ally to Commissioner Gordon and Batman. Harvey Dent was Gotham€™s District Attorney until half of his face was brutally marred with sulphuric acid. This caused Dent€™s psyche to split, forming a second personality. Wielding a double-sided coin that symbolizes his split personality, Harvey uses this coin to administer his perverse form of justice. When faced with any type of choice, including whether to kill and individual or not, the coin always decides whether boy-scout Harvey dent will play the hero or if the devilish Two-Face will act as a villain. Considering that superhero comics revolve around a set of binaries, Two-Face encapsulates the whole hero/villain struggle. Both predictable and unpredictable, Harvey Dent stories are usually very deep and soul searching, as Batman is forced to confront a man who struggles with good and evil that is in all of us.
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