10 Most Sadistic Batman Villains Of All Time

Crazy! The lot of 'em!

They say that a hero is only as good as his villain. If that is the case, then the sheer number of interesting, complex and compelling villains within the Batman mythos can only speak to the character€™s brilliance and longevity. Batman has by far the most notorious, popular and arguably the greatest rogues gallery in the history of superhero comics. Yet even beyond their fame and notoriety, there is something distinct amongst Batman€™s many rogues. Often these criminally insane foes serve as foils to the potential inner-madness expressed within the dichotomy of the Batman/Bruce Wayne relationship. As Grant Morrison puts it in €œSupergods: Our World in the Age of Superheroes€: €œCrime, madness, and the supernatural defined Batman€™s theatre of operation€ Batman€™s rogues€™ gallery personified various psychiatric disorders to great effect€ (p 22; 24). Batman€™s rogues have always been themed around madness and were therefore prone sadistic, violent tendencies. Batman has more psychotic enemies than any other hero in the history of comics. Therefore, in light of the past 75 years of Batman history, this article takes a look at the 10 most sadistic foes Batman ever faced. Warning: the following pages are not for the faint at heart.
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