10 Most Terrifying Villains In DC Comics

DC has made a name for itself with some of the most unnerving villains in fiction.

DC Comics

Halloween may be over, but for DC fans, spooky season lasts all year. If DC Comics are known for one thing above all else, it's being the darker, grittier counterpart to the often-more-upbeat Marvel, and telling stories that revolve around truly unsettling, sinister antagonists.

Comic fans almost universally agree that DC leads the industry when it comes to villains, often pointing to Batman's infamous rogues gallery, or cosmic threats like Darkseid, and it goes much deeper than that. DC has been publishing "mature content" and horror comics for decades, under various imprints, from Vertigo to Black Label, to the new Hill House comics that just started up, and unsurprisingly, they've produced some of the most twisted characters that comics have to offer.

Some villains are power-hungry overlords, some are sympathetic would-be heroes who went too far, and some are just pure nightmare fuel. Whether they debuted in mainstream DC titles, or in one of the company's many imprints, each of the villains on this list proves that DC's reputation for grim stories and dark characters is entirely earned, if not understated.


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