10 Most Unexpectedly Powerful Marvel Villains

Sometimes it's the most obscure baddies that you need to be the most afraid of.

Marvel Comics

It has often been said that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has a villain problem, and honestly, it's getting pretty tired. I'm not even sure who's still saying it at this point, but they really need to find something new to say. The MCU has provided some truly memorable, menacing, and malicious baddies, almost all of whom are as compelling as the heroes they fight.

Frankly, the most uninteresting villain to the MCU at this point is Martin Scorsese, armed only with his exclusionary opinions.

While the movies have been showcasing some of the comics' most powerful evil-doers, there are still legions of even more obscure and insane villains to choose from. The only "villain problem" that Marvel Comics has ever had is that some of them often come across as a little bit TOO weird. But, if you're anything like us, you know that that weirdness is less of a problem and more a part of the endless fun.

Several of these weird and wonderful criminals can appear laughable at first, and it isn't until you really examine them that you see just how incredibly dangerous they can really be. The following collection of scoundrels and sinners may not seem like much at first, but look deeper and you'll discover damning depths of danger and despair!


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