10 Most Violent Comic Book Heroes Ever

The violence that we need, but don't deserve.


Being a hero comes with certain rules and responsibilities. As the good guy in whatever film, book, comic or show they're found in, heroes have a duty to be the opposite of their respective baddie, standing for all that is good and just and defending innocents from harm.

There's a strict moral code that superheroes must stick to, with the bulk of the rulebook concerning the lack of violence employed by the good guys. Heroes rarely ever attack their enemies first; their first moves usually involving stopping their criminal acts or saving any innocents nearby, and even their choice of weaponry or fighting style is usually depicted as being more peaceful or defensive in comparison to the baddie they come up against.

However, comic books also have an amazing history of making superheroes more grounded, fierce and less than perfect. With that in mind, readers have seen some pretty brutal moments come from the side of good over the years.

Whether it's through a tragic backstory altering their perceptions, or their powers unlocking a darker side of their character, here are the most violent superheroes across comic book history.


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