10 Obscure Comics Secrets That Took Years To Discover

It may have taken years, but the payoff on these secrets was well worth the wait.

Marvel Comics

There are few prospects as interesting as secrets in comic books. Some things are kept secret from the people within the comic's world, like a superhero's secret identity, but the readers knew exactly who and what Peter Parker was in his very first appearance.

As a result, there aren't a lot of things that are kept a secret from fans, so to find them, you have to look into aspects of a character or comic book universe the creators might not have had an answer for from the beginning.

Other secrets could be planned from the very beginning, or develop over time as a result of popularity and reader interest.

Whatever the reason something is kept hidden when it does happen, the fans tend to appreciate the reveal, and it makes for a fantastic story. Imagine reading your favourite superhero character for years, only to learn they were something else all along.

You're either going to love it, or you'll hate it, but in all likelihood, you will still be fascinated by the secret reveal. Because comics are published monthly, it can take years for a story to develop into a secret revelation.

These secrets are some of the best, with creators keeping them from the fans for as long as was humanly possible.


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