10 Oldest Mutants In X-Men History

9. Exodus - 900+ Years

Old Man Logan New
Marvel Comics

After fighting in the Crusades during the 12th century, Bennet Du Paris was hailed as a great warrior. Despite being admired, the French nobleman always felt different (and it wasn't just because he was born with crimson skin). For as long as he could remember, Du Paris believed he harboured some secret power that he couldn't access.

When he encountered Apocalypse in the Black Knight: Exodus storyline, the monstrous mutant attacked Du Paris with lethal force, activating his mutant abilities. Apocalypse explained to Du Paris that he deliberately made him believe he was in mortal danger, knowing it would unlock his powers.

Feeling like he was in Apocalypse's debt, Du Paris agreed to serve as his minion, Exodus. After Apocalypse took him under his wing, the dark demagogue amplified Exodus' power, rendering him immortal. However, when the French mutant realised Apocalypse intended to destroy civilisation, he cut ties with his benefactor to forge his own path.

Over the years, Exodus has had many run-ins with the X-Men, either as an ally or a villain. But because he has stopped ageing and can recover from any wound, it's safe to say he'll continue to be knocking about for a long time to come.


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