10 Pettiest Things The Punisher Has Killed People Over

Pick up your trash, or Frank will pick you off.

Marvel Comics

Frank Castle is not a nice dude. While most superheroes have the ability to navigate grey areas with expert precision, Castle just sees black and white.

His work ethic boils down to; if you're good, you're fine but if you're bad, you die. Well, it's not like you can call yourself The Punisher and just let people off with a slap on the wrist.

The anti-hero has stacked up a kill count that would make Loki look like a schoolteacher. He often comes to blows with other heroes due to his methods, but despite their constant objection he does not back down.

Castle's simple views on problem solving could be described as effective, criminals can't cause any more trouble if they're suffering from a bullet to the head. However, it does come with its fair share of issues.

Looking at the world through The Punisher's eyes can lead to incidents that most people would consider an overreaction. Sure, a Frost Giant eating someone's family, bringing up horrific memories of your own family's death, might be considered a prime candidate for execution.

However, not all of the vigilante's kills are quite warranted.


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