10 Popular Comic Book Characters Who Have Completely Vanished

9. Venus (Agents Of Atlas)

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Marvel Comics

Venus was created by Stan Lee and Ken Bald for her own self-titled comic in 1948. At that time, she claimed to be the goddess Venus and had come to Earth and adopted the name Victoria Nutley Starr, writer and editor for Beauty magazine. Her true origins were very different. Venus was, in fact, one of the immortal sirens who lured thousands of sailors to their deaths with their songs for the ocean elemental Phorcys.

In the 19th Century, Sorcerer Supreme Yao cursed the siren with a soul, and the horrified siren fled to a nunnery where she spent many silent years. She also blocked out her memories of her life as a siren. One day, she heard the choir and sang, driving everyone crazy with lust. She was kicked out and went out into the world claiming to be Venus reborn. She joined Jimmy Woo’s G-Men in the 1950s and joined the Agents of Atlas in recent times.

Venus was not part of the team when it was revamped to have a more Pan-Asian roster in later years. Even though she wasn’t human, she did resemble a red-haired Caucasian woman and didn’t fit into the new aesthetic. Also, her powers had begun to become an easy way to defuse any situation. The over-sexualized portrayal of the character may have made a few readers uncomfortable, as well.


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