10 Powerful Marvel Comics Endings That Gave You Chills

Comics: the only medium you can read a story involving space werewolves and still get goosebumps.

Secret Wars 9 Ending
Marvel Comics/Esad Ribic

Endings in comics are hard. Not only do writers have to deal with ongoing continuity, so endings aren't technically 'endings', they also have to wrap up stories that have been going on for years, even decades in some cases.

Add on to this, coming up with satisfying conclusions to the quite frankly insane amount of side-characters' plot lines and arcs and comic writers have themselves quite the challenge. It's like finishing Game of Thrones, but you also have to explain why Ayra is a clone now, why the Hound's long-lost daughter (who's also evil) has finally shown up and why Bran has a snazzy new costume and electricity powers, as well as finishing the actual story.

However, when endings do happen, the combination of years of character development, epic storylines and continuity can culminate in endings impactful enough to give you chills, whether the good kind of chills where you see your favourite characters get a happy ending, or the bad kind that you remember at 3am and stop you from getting back to sleep.

These are some of the Marvel Comics endings that made readers feel tingles down their spines.

10. Will The Real Cap Please Stand Up? - Secret Empire

Secret Wars 9 Ending
Marvel Comics

With the... less than warm reception to the shocking plot twist slash meme that was Captain America uttering 'Hail Hydra' and being revealed to be an agent of Hydra after some Cosmic Cube shenanigans, Nick Spencer and co. had one helluva job to come up with an ending to Secret Empire that fans could accept.

Over the course of the event, the Avengers are pursued by Hydra Cap while trying to reassemble the Cube. Come the final issue, our heroes head to Washington DC, where Hydra Cap reveals himself in a swanky-but-sinister green armour and most of a Cosmic Cube and proceeds to lay a beat down on everyone, turning Washington into a Hydra-flavoured nightmare.

That is until Falcon confronts Steve with his original shield, flashing back to the real Captain America's iconic confrontation with Thanos. However, it's the moment the Cube (who’s now a little girl called Kobik) manages to bring the original Captain back that really kicks this issue into Feels-territory.

Hydra Cap's regime crumbling around him while Steve picks up Mjolnir and beats the crap out of him is both moving from a narrative standpoint, and hugely amusing to see Hydra Cap get his comeuppance.


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