10 Powers You Didn't Know Famous Comic Characters Possessed

Often, the guy you assumed was only good for breaking stuff is actually like a super Swiss Army Knife.

Every super-powered character in comic books is associated with a select few particular powers and abilities, or even just a single power or ability. Think of the Flash and you think of super-speed. Think of the Hulk and you think of super-strength. Think of Mister Fantastic and you think of his elasticity. And then, in the most obvious case, if you think of Magneto you think of the ability to control metal. However, many of these characters have lesser-known powers and abilities that you probably don't know about - especially if you aren't an avid comic book reader. That's right, some characters that you may think of as being very one-dimensional in terms of their powers and abilities actually possess far more esoteric and interesting powers and abilities that they have only displayed on a handful of occasions (only once, in some cases). Even some of the most well-known characters have, on rare occasions, performed feats that a lot of people had no idea they were capable of performing by using some of the best kept secret powers in comics. In this article, we're going to take a look at some prime examples of those occasions. Here are ten powers that you probably didn't know well-known comic book characters possessed...
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