10 Problems No One Wants To Admit About Green Lantern

He's more than just Hal Jordan, people.

Green Lantern Shocked
DC Comics

Despite being one of the most beloved and richest aspects of the DC universe, Green Lantern today is still a somewhat divisive character. Whether it's his 2011 film sullying his perception in the mainstream public, or the fact that every comic book fan as their favourite version of the character, to love the Lantern is to dive into one of the most gratifying and yet simultaneously frustrating comics in DC's library.

For all the potential that corner of the mythos has, it never seems to be far away from the next big controversy. It was a Green Lantern storyline that denoted the 'women in refrigerators' trope in the mid nineties, while the series itself always seems to be at the centre of DC's most divisive retcons, whether introduced in a Lantern comic itself or in a Crisis further down the line.

Then there are the generational aspects of the character. For each wave of comic book readers there always seems to be a new Lantern for them to latch onto. For those in the fifties and sixties their favourite is likely to be Hal Jordan; ask those who grew up in the early noughties, and Kyle Rayner or John Stewart are the more likely answers.

Ultimately, it's this big old, loveable and endlessly frustrating aspect of DC continuity. And even if you love GL, there are certain things fans will have to admit about the character sooner or later...

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