10 Rarest Comic Book Funko POP Figures (And How Much They're Worth)

Fancy spending a million dollars on your favourite superhero?

Stan Lee Funko
Funko POP

Be you the biggest collector of Funkos in the universe, or the type of person who would call those who do the biggest dork ever, there's one thing that's consistently interesting about the plastic figures: how much they're worth. As such a popular product to collect, plenty of Funkos are worth way more than you'd initially imagine, with many of them being more expensive than phones, cars, and even houses in some cases.

Comic Funkos often fall into this category of pricey pieces of plastic, as many figures are printed exclusively for special occasions and events, making them hugely rare collector's items - and thus, often incredibly valuable as a result.

Though few people are likely to be shilling out just under a million dollars for a Funko, it's absolutely fascinating to see the most expensive comic Funkos, as they reflect both which characters are the most popular, and what fans like the most in terms of a character's design.

Similarly, there's something about knowing the history of why these particular figures are worth so much that's genuinely fascinating, as each Funko has a story - even if that story is just that it's worth more money than you'll ever see in your life.

10. Batman (Metallic, Silver) - $2,000

Stan Lee Funko

While it's more than a little surprising that a Batman figurine is at the bottom of this list, it has to be remembered that;

A. It's still worth two thousand dollars.


Or, at least, that's the official price average according to Funko, though estimates vary between $1,750 and $2,000+ for the silver Dark Knight.

This price point can be explained, much like the majority of Funkos, by its rarity - as the figurine was sold exclusively in Hot Topic, and only 108 of them were made in the first place, which goes a fair way to explain why the little silver Bat costs around the same as... something worth $2,000.


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