10 Richest Superheroes Of All Time

Now imagine Bill Gates with superpowers. 

Marvel Comics

Sometimes the best weapon to fight crime is a chequebook. Who needs the power of flight when you can pay for the technology to fly? What's the use of super-strength when you can afford a super-suit? Today we're talking about the richest superheroes in all of DC and Marvel comics - superpowers optional. They've all accumulated their money in various ways, from inheritance to investments to ingenuity.

You won't find any well-off supervillains here, even if they have switched sides occasionally. So no Emma Frost, Norman Osborn, nor Dr. Doom.

**Honorable Mention: Thor

Having incredibly advanced technology and being from an amazing kingdom in space should be more than enough to qualify for this list, however if you really think about it...that's all Odin's money.

Any time Thor gets out of line, he can easily be banished to Earth with not a penny to his name. So put your hand down there Donald Blake.

10. Moon Knight

Marvel Comics

Source of Income: Investments

Marc Spector, the Moon Knight, was not handed a kingdom/corporation at birth. Instead, he began making money as a heavyweight boxer, joined the military, CIA, and eventually became a mercenary. Being a damn good mercenary pays well and Spector wisely invested the funds he earned.

After taking on his new vigilante persona, he used his investments to fund his war on crime and also founded SpectorCorp.

While he's not much of an "industrialist" like Tony Stark, he still is able to accumulate wealth through his gathering of historical artefacts and fine arts. He also utilised two personas as Steven Grant the financier and Jake Lockley the cab driver (although, they were more for infiltration than money).


A humble vaudevillian veteran cast vicariously as both victim and villain by the vicissitudes of Fate