10 Ridiculous Extra Superpowers That Were Phased Out Of The Comics

9. Mr Fantastic’s Hypnotism

Superman Silver Age Powers
Marvel Comics

This ability apparently comes courtesy of Reed Richards’ genius-level intellect, rather than his superhuman attributes. It’s also worth noting that the leader of the Fantastic Four displayed his skills in the art of hypnotism surprisingly early in their comics history, in Fantastic Four #2, from September 1961.

The issue marks the first appearance of Marvel’s iconic alien species the Skrulls, shape-shifting lifeforms bent on invasion and conquest.

When deciding how to deal with four Earth-bound Skrulls, who have been defeated and are already at their mercy, Mister Fantastic makes the staggering decision to force them into the form of cattle, before using his apparent hypnotism abilities to convince them that they are indeed cows.

Even though the Skrulls had intended to invade Earth, to trap an intelligent being in the mind and body of a farm animal is an extraordinarily cruel move, and one that was made with no obvious moral objection from any of Reed's teammates. It’s played lightly, but this moment has dark implications when considered seriously.

These days he tends to stick to stretching his body rather than the laws of nature.


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