10 Most Powerful Marvel Characters Kraven The Hunter Fought

Follow Marvel's greatest hunter as he tracks the most dangerous game.

Kraven Venom
Marvel Comics

Sergei Kravinoff, better known as Kraven the Hunter, was not always the legendary animal wrangler Spider-Man co-creators Stan Lee and Steve Ditko brought onto the pages of Marvel Comics in 1964.

Born into a life of wealth and privilege among the Russian nobility, Sergei and his family were exiled during the Russian Revolution - and, shortly after, his parents died, leaving Sergei to fend for himself.

After stowing away on a ship to Africa, Kraven developed a talent for hunting, as well as obtaining a whole laundry list of powers, abilities and weapons. Despite all his accomplishments, however, he still did not have what he truly wanted - a way to restore his family's honour. Making his comic debut in New York, Kraven began on a hunt like no other.

Roaming the Earth hunting down any superhero or supervillain he deems fair game, Kraven seeks to cement his legacy by facing the ultimate challenge - and within this list are 10 of the strongest and most difficult battles he has ever had to contend with. Ready yourselves, readers - the hunt is on!

10. Daredevil - Daredevil #104

Kraven Venom
Marvel Comics

It is said that the most dangerous prey to hunt is man - and what kind of man is more dangerous than a Man Without Fear?

Written in 1973 by Steve Gerber and pencilled by John Heck, Daredevil #104 sees Matt Murdock form an alliance with Black Widow to take on Marvel's greatest hunter - and sees Kraven use some clever tactics to turn the tables on the two martial artists.

When the issue opens, Matt Murdock is struggling with the ethics of the new law firm he finds himself employed at - with no idea that a far greater threat is just around the corner. In a secret meeting with the San Francisco mob, Kraven is recruited to defeat Daredevil - something he insists on doing free of charge. The thrill of the hunt is its own reward, after all.

After a menacing but inconclusive first encounter, Kraven ambushes Daredevil and Black Widow - only to find himself unable to catch the two agile fighters at close quarters. Caught at a disadvantage, Kraven changes strategy. Luring his quarry outside into the woods, he quickly stuns Black Widow with a poison dart and incapacitates Daredevil soon after.


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