10 Shockingly Dark Origins Of Comic Villains

9. Morbius

Batman White Knight Mr Freeze Nora Fries Cover

The intellectually gifted Michael Morbius was born in Nafplio, Greece. The boy lived an isolated life due to a rare blood disease but had two friends, Emil and Liza Nikos. In college, Michael and Emil won a Nobel Prize for their scientific work in biochemistry. Their attempt to cure Morbius’ disease included electroshock treatments and fluids extracted from vampire bats.

The treatment turned the poor man into a “pseudo-vampire” who needed blood to survive and gave him many traditional vampiric powers, including strength, flight, and a healing factor. It also flattened Morbius’ nose and turned his skin a ghastly pale white. In his bloodlust, he killed his friend, Emil, earning the animosity of Liza.

Morbius traveled to America by ship and killed the crew along the way due to his blood lust. He took refuge at a beach house and attempted to kill himself but failed. He encountered Spider-Man, who was suffering from having six arms at this time. They battled but were interrupted by the Lizard. Michael bit the Lizard in an act that partially returned the rogue to his Curt Connors form. The Doctor realized the vampire’s blood could cure both he and Spider-Man, and they captured him long enough to extract his blood - though Morbius broke free before the pair could offer to help him with his disease.


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