10 Stan Lee Facts For His True Believers

10. His Favorite Comic Was A Daredevil Story

Marvel Comics

After writing hundreds of stories, it’s hard to say which of Stan’s comics stands out the most. He regularly said that he was proud of Amazing Spider-Man #96-98 where Harry Osborn overdosed on pills. This story helped weaken the power of censorship in the mainstream comics field. After he did this, comics could deal with matters like drug abuse, alcoholism, and racism. He was also proud of his two-issue story, Parable, which revolved around his second-favourite superhero, Silver Surfer.

However, his top spot goes to the 1968 story, Daredevil #47 – Brother, Take My Hand! In this standalone story, the blind superhero, Daredevil performs a USO show for American troops who have returned from Vietnam. He learns that one of the soldiers, Willie Lincoln, was left blinded by a grenade during his last tour of duty. Lincoln tells Daredevil he used to be a cop but was fired when he was accused of accepting a bribe. The superhero tells him to contact a lawyer called Matt Murdock (who is actually Daredevil) to serve as his attorney to prove Lincoln’s discharge was illegal.

Although this sounds like a pretty standard story, it is a very important comic since it is Stan Lee’s favorite comic of all time.


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