10 Strangest Jack Kirby Creations

Some of these characters have fallen through the cracks of comic book history...

Jack Kirby was, without question, one of the most influential and formative voices in the comic book industry. His legacy is virtually unmatched, spanning across numerous decades and comic book companies, most notably with the two major comic book powerhouses, Marvel and DC. He played a major hand in creating such iconic characters as Captain America, the X-Men, Fantastic Four and Hulk, plus many others who are still popular today. His ingenuity and creativity helped mold comic books into what they are, and how they are read today. That being said, however, he wasn't completely perfect in his illustrious career. Every once in a while, his creativity did sometimes step outside the possibility of suspension of disbelief and into the realm of just plain weird. His infatuation with the strange and outlandish lead to some lesser known comic book characters, namely strange looking monsters and heroes with lame powers or half-baked origin stories. Some of these characters have fallen through the cracks of comic book history, but we here at WhatCulture have picked Jack Kirby€™s top ten strangest comic book creations.
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