10 Strangest Spider-Man Villians

Not every villain is created equally.

Stilt-Man Spider-Man Daredevil
Marvel Comics

As one of the most popular superheroes of all time, Spider-Man has faced many brilliant villains since he first swung onto pages in 1962.

Considering the Wall-crawler has arguably the best rogues gallery in Marvel Comics' history, it is fair to say that many have gone on to become as iconic and engrained in popular culture as the Web-head himself. With the likes of the Green Goblin, Doc Ock and Venom being as popular as they are, you would assume that every foe the writers at Marvel introduced to cause havoc and mayhem in New York would be of a similar quality.

Unfortunately, this is very much not the case. Once Spidey's most recognisable villains are filtered through, you will find a myriad of adversaries that range from boring, to downright ridiculous.

Whether their powers leave readers bewildered, or they are wearing a costume that will leave you in hysterics, it certainly seems like Marvel have had far more swings-and-misses than they have had hits with Spidey's foes.

The following villains have rarely reappeared after their debut, and there is no wonder why.

10. Grizzly

Stilt-Man Spider-Man Daredevil
Marvel Comics

Although looks aren't everything, they are certainly a big reason as to why Grizzly is a really strange Spider-Man villain. Tearing his way onto pages in 1974, the character has had a surprisingly lengthy run in Marvel's comics, being a big player in Secret War, as well as a member of the anti-hero group, the Thunderbolts.

Ex-wrestler Maxwell Markham is the relatively boring Grizzly. Possessing superhuman strength, durability, claws and fangs, his powers leave a lot to be desired, since the character does not have any particularly memorable attributes that make him stand out from the crowd. He is ultimately let down by a ridiculous grizzly bear costume that makes him look like he has just left a children's birthday party.

Unfortunately, the character's downfall comes from a mixture of the ridiculous costume, as well as the bland abilities he has. The somewhat similar foe Kraven the Hunter, who famously wears an equally odd coat with an entire lion's face on it, shows that as long there is an element of fear and genuine challenge for Spider-Man to overcome, the villain will be remembered fondly by fans.

So, perhaps since Grizzly doesn't have a difficult or special skillset that would worry Spider-Man, he doesn't enjoy the level of popularity other villains have.


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