10 Strongest Forms Of Wolverine

He may be the best there is at what he does, but which version of Wolverine is the strongest of all?

Wolverine Yellow & Blue
Marvel Comics

Wolverine has been around for a little over forty-five years, and like most characters in the Marvel Universe, there have been multiple versions featured in alternate timelines and realities across the multiverse.

The first version of Wolverine ever seen is far different from many of the ones who followed, but not all are as strong as you might think.

The Marvel Multiverse is awash with all kinds of characters with everything, from an anthropomorphic pig version of Spider-Man, to a planet where everyone is some kind of ape. For Wolverine, he's usually a savage beast of some sort, and most variations are just as deadly as the classic one found in the pages of Incredible Hulk #181.

Still, not every version of Wolverine can be said to be equal in terms of strength, savagery, or lethality. Some are just not as good as the rest - but fear not True Believer, they won't be found on this list.

The versions of Wolverine found here are the ones you wouldn't want to piss off under any circumstances. If you do, try and buy him a beer and walk away, or bumping into one of these Wolverines may be the last thing you do.

10. Weapon X

Wolverine Yellow & Blue
Marvel Comics

During the Age of Apocalypse event from the late 1990s, the characters fans had come to love were all replaced by their alternate-universe doppelgängers, who had lived during the so-called Age of Apocalypse.

It all kicked off when Legion went back in time to kill Magneto, but screwed up and killed Professor Xavier instead. The resulting alternate timeline saw Apocalypse launching his assault on the world a decade earlier, and the resulting timeline was dark.

Every character was different in this new timeline, and it would eventually be resolved through some follow-up time travel shenanigans carried out by Bishop.

For Wolverine, he changed considerably and preferred to be known only as Weapon X. He was still a member of the X-Men, though the team looked quite a bit different than it does on Earth-616. Wolverine was far more feral, and he no longer had his left hand.

He lost it in a fight with Cyclops, but could still pop his claws from the stump, making him almost as lethal as a typical representation of Wolverine. His ferocious attitude made up for the missing hand, and he was still as deadly as ever but kicks off the top of this list as a result of his injury.


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