10 Stupid Arguments About Batman That Don't Make Sense

Not a superhero, huh? Wanna say that to his face?

Joker Batman
DC Comics / Alex Ross

If there's one thing you learn from spending any sort of time on the internet, it's that people have a lot of opinions about Batman.

When Ben Affleck was cast as the Dark Knight in Batman V Superman, people were instantly deriding his performance. It didn't matter that the film still had another year until it released, and the same premature takes have proven endemic for the character, dating all the way back to 1989, where fans voiced their displeasure at Michael Keaton being cast in the role.

The character just really gets people's backs up. But then, when a character is around for 80 years and has seeped into almost all parts of pop culture, people do tend to get attached.

But because Batman is a character that's been so widely disseminated throughout the world - even if somebody's never read a comic, they've probably seen a film, or watched an episode of a TV show or something - there are plenty of people who are ready to have opinions about him, without really understanding the character.

You'll have no doubt come across people who will tell you that Bruce Wayne is just as insane as the bad guys he locks up (if not more so), that those supervillains only exist thanks to the Caped Crusader inspiring them, and that Bruce should just use his money instead of "beating up poor people".

Boohockey. Here are ten such stupid arguments about Batman that don't make sense.


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