10 Stupidly Overpowered Comic Book Weapons

When a weapon is classified as "stupidly overpowered", it should be feared and avoided at all costs.

White Lantern
DC Comics

In the world of comic books and the incredible powers that are common within those pages, to call a weapon “overpowered” should conjure the idea of something that can stagger beings who regularly perform feats that would be considered miraculous in the real world. Then to call that same weapon “stupidly overpowered” denotes a power that shatters worlds, staggers universes, and exists only in the hands of gods.

As with most none living objects, weapons are neither good nor evil. Unless it is one of those rare occasions that the object possesses some kind of sentience, it is up to the user if the weapon will be used as a force for good or evil. It is also up to the user and their own skill with the weapon whether or not the item can be used to its full potential.

Many of the most powerful weapons were created by aliens, cosmic beings, or supernatural entities. A few, as with the Infinity Gauntlet, utilized naturally created objects of vast cosmic power brought together to create a single devastating weapon. Comics being what they are, these weapons almost always fall into the hands of villains and it is up to the hero to gain control of the weapon before it can be used or before its effects can be made permanent.

Through tremendous struggle and determination, the heroes usually succeed and most of these weapons are thankfully locked safely away.

10. Mjolnir

White Lantern
Marvel Comics

After defeating a cosmic storm entity called the God Tempest, the Norse All-Father Odin trapped it in a chunk of Uru. He then gave the metal to the Dwarves of Nidavellir to craft a hammer for him. They had to use a star to get the forge hot enough to work the metal, and this star exploded during the process. When he first received the hammer - that he called Mjolnir - Odin couldn’t control it. When he ascended to the throne of Asgard, it sat in his armory for centuries.

After Odin added a series of enchantments to it and after he passed a number of trials to prove himself worthy, Odin’s son Thor took possession of Mjolnir for many years. When Nick Fury shook Thor’s confidence and made him believe himself unworthy, his former girlfriend, Dr. Jane Foster assumed the powers and identity of Thor.

A weapon of incalculable power, its most famous is weather manipulation. Mjolnir can summon storms and manipulate lightning, wind, snow, rain, and intense cold at disaster levels. It can also quiet these storms when they are naturally occurring. Mjolnir can both project and absorb energy at cosmic levels, and the hammer allows Thor to fly by holding onto the strap and throwing it. It also allows him to understand every language.


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