10 Superheroes Who Broke Their Own Rules

Rules were made to be broken.

DC Comics

A superhero can be a vigilante or a law enforcement officer - it goes with the territory. Captain America, for instance, has been both: from being a government agent in the fight against the Nazis to telling the government to shove it and becoming a vigilante more than once.

Batman too has often been a deputy or at least licensed by the Gotham City Police Department but he’s best known as the Dark Knight, with the GCPD turning a blind eye to his own brand of justice.

The point is the capes and cowls crowd works for truth and justice, rather than the letter of the laws. Their actions are governed by morality and a sense of right, but they still tend to operate to their own set of established rules. No killing, no innocents, no swearing... Whatever they may be.

Yet, there comes a time when even the greatest heroes have their personal codes of honor tested. Those exceptions to their rules can also create a gripping story, truly challenging the very foundation and concept of a character.

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