10 Superheroes Who Changed Identities For The Better

Sometimes a new name and a change of costume can make all the difference.

DC Comics

In the world of superheroes, branding is everything. A good name and a memorable costume are what make heroes like Batman and Spider-Man so great; they create an iconic identity that keeps the character recognisable, no matter what changes they may go through.

Some identities just weren’t built to last though. Whether it’s due to a character outgrowing their original moniker, an old code name not fitting to modern sensibilities, or just a good old fashioned case of a comic’s company wanting to shake things up, sometimes a hero will ditch their old threads and re-invent themselves as someone new.

Admittedly, this has the potential to go horribly wrong (Like Captain America’s shirtless mid-life crisis of a new identity Nomad) and even done right, it can be a hard sell to fans who treat any change like it’s a giant lump of kryptonite. However, the characters on this list managed to beat the odds and build a brand-new legacy for themselves out of the shadow of their old identity.

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