10 Superheroes You DON'T Want Saving You

9. Great Lakes Avengers

Starfox Marvel
Marvel Comics

At a glance, the Great Lake Avengers look like a pretty decent team. Mr. Immortal can't die, Big Bertha can protect others with her girth, Doorman can create portals, and Flatman is hyperelastic.

But there is one teeny problem. The team suck. They have a reputation as the world's worst superhero team. Because they are so desperate to be taken seriously, they often march head-on into the most dangerous situations without a shred of preparation.

Not only do the GLA usually cause more harm than good, but their team members have a tendency to die very quickly. When Grasshopper officially joined the team, he was killed 5.8 seconds later, which is the shortest term any superhero has served on a team.

But the GLA have one saving grace: Squirrel Girl. She may have a dumb name but she has used her rodent-controlling powers to best Doctor Doom, MODOK, Wolverine, Fin Fang Foom, and even Ego the Living Planet.


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