10 Superman Rip-Offs Who Are Stronger Than The Man Of Steel

Look in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's... wait... who is that?

Marvel Comics

Copycats of successful superheroes and supervillains have been around since the dawn of comics. Red Lion is a rip-off of Black Panther. Black Cat is a literal copycat of Catwoman. Marvel's Scarecrow is based on DC's Scarecrow. (Okay, they didn't even try to hide that one.)

Superman was such an instant hit, he was guaranteed to have a myriad of clones. Only one year after he debuted, Fawcett Comics created Captain Marvel, who was so similar, DC Comics had the series cancelled.

If you thought that would stop other companies from creating their own version of Supes, think again. There are dozens of Superman rip-offs with all the same basic powers like superstrength, flight, and superspeed.

You would assume that a lot of these characters are just cheap substitutes that sank without a trace. However, some of them have gone on to become very popular.

And although Superman has a reputation for being the toughest superhero, several of these doppelgängers are stronger, mainly because they don't have a weakness as blatant as Kryptonite. Here are some knock-offs of Superman that are actually more powerful than the Man of Steel.

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