10 Supervillains Who Made Other Supervillains

9. Red Hulk (Created By MODOK)

Absolute Carnage
Marvel Comics

Since the day Bruce Banner first transformed into the Incredible Hulk, General Thaddeus Ross has done all he can to stop him. He's dropped bombs on him, sent killer robots after him, and hired supervillains to take the green-skinned colossus down once and for all.

And when all that failed, Ross did the only thing he could think of to stop the Hulk for good; become a Hulk himself. When MODOK assembled his team of brainiac supervillains, The Intelligencia, to take over the United States, he knew the Hulk would stand in his way.

When the bulbous-brained baddie offered to turn Ross into a Hulk to stop his nemesis, the general agreed, knowing MODOK had the technology to resurrect his daughter (oblivious that she was alive).

Although Ross has always emphasised he has nothing but noble intentions, he went mad with power when he was transformed into the Red Hulk. He fought the Avengers, killed Abomination, and punched a Watcher in the face. When the scarlet-skinned brute broke into the Oval Office and publicly announced to the world that he was now running the show, there was no question Ross had entered supervillain territory.


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