10 Supervillains Who Thought They Were The Hero

Sometimes, being the "villain" isn't black and white.

DC Comics

There are many supervillains who thoroughly enjoy playing the role of the bad guy. The Joker loves creating chaos. The Green Goblin laughed maniacally as he tossed Gwen Stacy off a bridge to her death. Thanos adores wiping out entire civilisations.

Now, there are some criminals who claim to be pure but their actions show their true intent. Lex Luthor and Doctor Doom state that they have humanity's best interests at heart but they clearly love torturing their enemies and don't give a second thought about killing civilians if it furthers their agenda.

But there are some evildoers who truly believe they are noble. Despite performing despicable acts such as enslavement, murder, and genocide, some people manage to convince themselves they are simply misunderstood.

Some of these villains used to be superheroes but changed so gradually over time, it's hard to tell when they became the same type of monster they used to fight. While you look at the characters on this list, you might understand where these villains are coming from. You might sympathise with them. You might feel like their goal is somewhat justified. But no matter how you argue it, every villain on this list has voluntarily committed unspeakably act of evil.


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