10 Terrible Mistakes That Almost Ruined Spider-Man For Everyone

Why would Spider-Man need a car if he can swing around the city? No, really?

Spider-Man Organic Webbing
Marvel Comics

Shortly after Stan Lee started churning out his Marvel creations, his co-workers warned him that a spider-themed superhero would never sell. Luckily, the naysayers couldn't have been more wrong.

Since Spider-Man's inception, the wallcrawler has proven to be one of the most relatable, charismatic, and beloved characters in Marvel's pantheon. I mean, who hasn't dreamed of being your Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man web-slinging across the skies?

Of course, it hasn't always been clear sailing. No matter how popular a superhero is, readers will get bored, especially after a couple of decades. When this happens, the creative team need to do something drastic to spice things up. So, how do you make a massive shift in the story without it coming across as gimmicky or desperate?

Sometimes, these massive changes work. When Marvel decided to give Peter Parker a new look, Spider-Man donned a black costume. This decision was a massive success since it indirectly led to the creation of one of Spider-Man's greatest rivals, Venom, and eventually a whole other pillar of cosmic Marvel.

Sadly, these bold changes don't always work. Over the years, there have been terrible story arcs, pointless reboots, and changes so inept, they nearly ruined Spider-Man for everyone.

10. The Spider-Mobile - Amazing Spider-Man #130 (1974)

Spider-Man Organic Webbing
Marvel Comics

Many superheroes have their own distinctive mode of transport to assist them in their crimefighting. The Avengers pilot the Quinjet, Wonder Woman pilots the Invisible Jet, and Batman has the Batmobile.

Now, not all vigilantes have their own distinctive vehicle. Since Spider-Man can zip around the city of Manhattan with his web shooters, it would be non-sensical for the webhead to drive a superhero-styled car.

But in Amazing Spider-Man #130, Spidey got his very own Spider-Mobile. When the Human Torch of the Fantastic Four revealed the car, he told Spider-Man he could use it to catch criminals. Despite the fact the webslinger had never driven a car before, he took the Spider-Mobile and used it for several adventures.

The response from readers was mostly negative, mainly because it was clear the Spider-buggy was only incorporated into the comics to sell toys.

Why would Spider-Man need a car when he can thwip his way around the city at ten times the speed? It would be like if Superman fought crime while riding a bicycle!


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