10 Terrifying Comic Supervillains That Gave You Nightmares

Every day is Halloween - if you just believe.

DC Comics

Between carrying out nightmarish atrocities and bearing gimmicks that resemble those of horror movie monsters, it should come as no surprise that an awful lot of comic villains are actually pretty scary.

Given that their role is essentially to cause evil, it makes sense that some villains genuinely unnerve people. While the catalogue of fear-inducing faces changes from person to person - somebody out there has to be frightened of Kite Man - there are some villains so vile and unsettling that just about everyone remembers the pages they inhabit with something close to fear.

In fact, this is some of what makes comics so great, as having a bad guy that brings out the same reaction in you as it does the characters within the comic makes it feel all the more real.

It's also a decent hallmark of a successful artist and writer, as being able to create a character that is genuinely horrifying shows an amazing (if vaguely concerning) imagination. From mad scientists to Lovecraftian horrors, some supervillains were made to strike terror into their readers' hearts.

From the pages of Marvel, DC and beyond, here are the villains that made us all just that little bit hesitant about switching off the lights.


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