10 Thankfully Obscure Spider-Man Villains

Yes, that's Spider-Man punching a Neo-Nazi blob of goo. No, we've no idea either.

A sage artist by the name of Bruce Willis once said that "Any story where you have good guys versus bad guys can only be as smart as the intelligence of your baddest guy". In essence, he's saying that the villain makes the plot. Nowhere is that more true in superhero comic books €“ if Batman went around fighting bootleggers and public urinators, he wouldn't be on so many t-shirts. This is why he instead fights clowns and burn victims, which I guess is more heroic. Unlike the Dark Knight, Spider-Man's bad guys tend to be less on the psychotic side and more on the quirky side. His most significant villains include a fat guy with tentacles, a guy dressed like an extra from Gremlins, and an iguana-man. If even his A-listers are that silly, one has to imagine how goofy the C-list Spider-Man villains are. Take a look at some Spidey villains who thankfully never caught on in the franchise. If there's anyone I left out, feel free to let me know in the comments!

10. Spider-Slayer Mark 1

First Appearance: The Amazing Spider-Man #25 (1965) 'Spider-Slayer' just sounds kickass. That name makes me want to play 'Raining Blood' on a skeleton-shaped guitar until my house explodes. I mean, remember the Spider-Slayers from the animated series? Those giant mechanical scorpions with ray guns and giant pincers? Well, those weren't the first models. The first model was a round television on wheels that's primary form of attack was basically tentacle rape. And it had J. Jonah Jameson's face on it. I'll put away the guitar. After one of his many hate campaigns, a local inventor offered Jameson the chance to use his robot to hunt down the wall-crawler. The robot hones in on "spider-energy signatures", making it a perfect hunter for Spider-Man and a sufficient Roomba. Being the humble man that he is, Jonah also has his face displayed on the robot's television screen so Spidey can know that he beat him. And I guess the inventor helped a little too. Upon thinking him captured in the robot's hentai tentacles, Jameson runs across town only to find Spidey had deactivated the robot and left his suit behind to fool him. Just remember that this man runs a major news outlet.
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