10 Things DC Comics Wants You To Forget About Catwoman

Even for a criminal, Selina Kyle has a pretty shady past.

Catwoman Dc Comics
DC Comics

Catwoman is one of the Batman series most popular characters. Initially a villain, the feline-themed thief has had a long history serving as a romantic foil to the Dark Knight, flirting with him even as he hands her over to the authorities.

Over the years, Catwoman has moved more towards heroism, protecting and looking after the down-and-outs of Gotham, but still keeping her eyes out for anything shiny she can get her paws on.

Catwoman has been an integral part of the Batman mythos outside of comics as well, appearing in movies, TV shows, animated series and video games alongside the Bat. Now it seems she'll be starring alongside Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy in the upcoming Gotham City Sirens movie as well.

However, Selina Kyle hasn't always had such an illustrious career and there are certainly a fair share of moments that DC have tried to brush under the carpet, from dumb origins to forgotten characters...

10. She Had A Sidekick

Catwoman Dc Comics
DC Comics

Kitrina Falcone was the youngest member of the Falcone crime family. Her Uncle Mario (having given up on his once promising plumbing career) made use her natural skills in agility and escape artistry as a mapmaker, noting down weak points in buildings for heists.

Eventually Mario decided that Kitty knew too much and tried to have her killed. She was saved by Catwoman though, who decided to train Kitrina to be a hero.

Kitrina only had a brief career as Catgirl. She tried to help Catwoman take down the crazed murderer The Reaper, but her rebellious nature and impulsiveness caused her to constantly get in the way, doing more harm than good.

Selina tried to convince Katrina that she should give up as Catgirl and go live a normal life instead. At first Kitty refused and ran off with her costume. However, when an attempt to take down her uncle caused her to get shot, she decided to hang up the mantle.

Kitrina left Gotham to go to boarding school, but promised to one day return to being Catgirl. Despite that, she hasn't been seen since.


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