10 Things Every DC Comics Fan Forgets About Two-Face

Two-Face embodies both the gangster and super-villain sides of Batman's expansive rogues gallery.

Two Face
DC Comics

Two-Face was created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger and appeared in Detective Comics #66 in 1942. He is Harvey Dent, the once prominent lawyer and crusading District Attorney who worked closely with Commissioner James Gordon and Batman to clean up the streets of Gotham. While the method and culprit have been retconned a few times, the left side of Dent’s face was horribly scarred by acid. This drove him insane and led to an eventual obsession with chance, fate, and duality.

Harvey is unable to make any major decisions without flipping a two-headed coin that he scarred on one side. The regular side means Dent does good and the scarred side means Dent does evil. Other than his obsessions and his dependence on his coin, Harvey Dent is a brilliant man with extensive legal knowledge, especially in criminal law, and a great criminal strategist.

Harv has always been a very charismatic man and is an excellent public speaker. Added to that, he is an exceptional marksman with the dual pistols he carries, and excelled at boxing as a youth - although his prowess falls far below that of Batman.

Here, there are ten things about Harvey Dent that you're likely not even aware of.

10. Harvey Was Not The Only Two-Face

Two Face
D.C. Comics

While Harvey Dent is the one, true Two-Face, there have been a number of people who have portrayed the villain over the years. The first impostor was Two-Face’s own butler Wilkins, who used make-up to become Two-Face and make it appear that the recently recovered Dent had relapsed and destroyed his own face again.

The second, and one of the most tragic, was actor Paul Sloane. Sloane was filming a documentary on Harvey Dent and a jealous prop master had replaced real acid with the water that was supposed to be used in the courtroom scene. Sloane believed he was Two-Face and went on a crime spree. He is healed by Batman and then re-disfigured by Two-Face himself in the hopes that he would continue to commit crimes to confuse Batman.

George Blake is the third Two-Face impostor and the second to use make-up. He used make-up on the opposite side of his face as Dent, so it was obvious to Batman that he was a fraud. On the villain run planet Earth-Three, a heroic character name Three-Face has three distinct personalities and differentiates them with make-up. She is the mother of sometimes Titan, Duela Dent.


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