10 Things Everyone Always Gets Wrong About Batman

The 'Dark' Knight? Not really...

Batman Has Never Killed
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While there's scarcley a character more popular than Batman, there are just as few who are as controversial.

Since his introduction in 1939, the Bob Kane, Bill Finger creation has developed in a variety of different ways, shifting from a dark protector of Gotham into a blue-grey sixties star and then back again over the course of his seventy-five year history. He means different things to different people, and with there being no shortage of Batmen to choose from, it's only natural that some misconceptions surrounding the hero will abound, particularly in relation to Bruce Wayne's characterisation and the way he's been depicted by different writers, artists and actors over the years.

He’s a hero of different methods, costumes and creeds, and with an unrivalled presence to boast in and out of the comics medium, the Dark Knight has developed the kind of following other superheroes could only dream of.

That does, however, bring both positives and negatives, and while the Caped Crusader has undoubtedly brought an unfettered amount of joy into the lives of Bat-fans the world over, there comes a time where the debate gets less onomatopoeic, and more Miller-esque - so is the contentious nature of the character.

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