10 Things Everyone Always Gets Wrong About The Hulk


Marvel Comics/Alex Ross

For a character whose two main traits are 'he is green' and 'he likes to smash things', the Hulk is a surprisingly complicated figure once you get to know him.

Not only are there roughly a million different Hulks to sort amongst, there's also a bunch of recent comics that have massively changed the character, meaning if you haven't kept up to date you're likely to get lost trying to figure out what is and isn't considered canon for the big green guy.

Even without all the recent events around the Hulk and his return from the dead after Civil War II, there's still a whole lot about him that can be misunderstood or misremembered really easily. For example, the fact that the Hulk - not Bruce, the HULK - has one of the most successful romantic histories in Marvel comics is a fact that many people don't remember, presumably because they've repressed it as deep down as they possibly can.

While knowing that the Hulk is a renowned seducer of babes is not crucial to understanding him as a character, every little helps, and also makes him that little bit more than just a one-dimensional rage machine.


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