10 Things Everyone Forgets About Captain America

You can thank Steve Rogers for the American flag.

Marvel Comics

As a character who has existed since the Second World War, there's a whole lot to take in when it comes to Captain America - which means that some facts fall to the wayside, in lieu of learning about exactly how the hero catches that dang shield every time.

And while nobody should be beating themselves up about not knowing Cap was once president (no, seriously), it's also more than worth learning everything you can about America' First Avenger, as many of these often forgotten details make the Marvel staple feel far more of an interesting character.

Much like Superman, Steve Rogers is a figure that's easy to see as boring, but this is because the most intriguing facts about him are often hidden in obscure corners of his comic repertoire, like a beautiful jewel sealed away in a booby-trapped Mayan temple - albeit one that won't crush you with a giant boulder the moment you find the thing you were looking for.

A flag-creating, Mjolnir-toting nonagenarian, it's hard not to love Captain America the more you learn about him - or, to at least love all the weird, wacky and occasionally concerning antics he's been involved with over the years.


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