10 Things Marvel Wants You To Forget About Spider-Man

10. Spider-Man Can'€™t Graduate

Spider-Man Peter Parker Graduation
Marvel Comics

In a storyline direct from a TV sitcom, Peter Parker is on the verge of graduating college when the dean informs him that he is one credit short. Which credit is one of the Marvel Universe€™'s most intelligent individuals missing? Gym, of course.

The situation is designed to be another demonstration of the infamous €œParker Luck.€ At least this time around the €œParker Luck€ didn'€™t lead to the death of a loved one like Uncle Ben or Gwen Stacy. Still, it€™s mighty embarrassing for someone as bright as Peter to have to attend €œsummer school€ to finish his college degree, and of course the irony is not lost on the fact that someone as physically gifted as a Spider-Man has to make up a gym class.

Readers were never treated to that issue of Amazing or Spectacular Spider-Man where Peter takes his gym class and proceeds to dominate his classmates in intramural basketball Teen Wolf style. One has to imagine if Kurt Busiek and Pat Olliffe tackled it as part of their Untold Tales of Spider-Man series in the 90s, this story would have be magnificent.

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