10 Things Marvel Wants You To Forget About The Thing

What a Grimm history...

Fantastic Four Thing
Marvel Comics

Everyone's favourite ever-lovin' blue-eyed Thing might be the Fantastic Four's best character, but it must be said that the hero hasn't always enjoyed a perfect history.

The subject of retcons, reboots, power-shifts and more, Benjamin Grimm has been the subject of a fair few comic book controversies throughout his time, some on live-action, others otherwise.

And while there's no getting away from the fact that he is one of Marvel's best creations, there have been occasions where Ben's featured in some rather silly moments in the past, being both the victim of comics writers and of some dubious movie-making exploits since his original comic book debut in 1961.

He’s one of Jack Kirby’s very best creations, and an icon of Marvel as much as he is of the medium more generally. That’s majorly important, so it stands to reason that Marvel would probably want you to forget about some of his most embarrassing moments, particularly when he's had so many of them over the years.

We all love you Ben, but some things are just too difficult to ignore...

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