10 Things We Learned From Marvel's September Solicitations

Is Miles Morales about to get his own symbiote?!

Marvel Comics

The next few months are well and truly the months of Carnage.

Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman's epic symbiote tale seems to be as all-consuming as the name Absolute Carnage suggests, with the usual tie-in book galore that happens with every Marvel event these days taking place here also. Fans seem set to have been rather well treated in terms of events this year, with Jason Aaron's War of the Realms having been far more interesting than other crossovers and Absolute Carnage seeming set to follow in similar high quality to Aaron's title.

Yet, as fun as it would be to have the entire Marvel release schedule be focused on the works on Donny Cates, there are plenty of other things to be gleaned from the publisher's September solicitations. With old legends returning to titles they penned years ago and intriguing occurrences now set to happen in current titles, there is a lot happening over at the House of Ideas.

So, let's delve into the future of Marvel Comics and try and figure out what may or may not be going on...


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