10 Things You Didn't Know About Batman

He's actually Bruce Wayne.

Quick poll: who is the coolest superhero? If you answered Spider-Man, Wolverine, Iron Man or Aquaman (God forbid), you€™re mistaken. Sorry, but it really is that simple. As you all know, the correct answer is Batman because€ he€™s Batman, as he likes to remind us. Frequently. Batman€™s popularity has much to do with the fact that, unlike the vast majority of superheroes, anyone could be him if they can only summon the requisite will and make the necessary sacrifices. And if they€™re a billionaire €“ the last part€™s pretty crucial. Still, non-billionaires everywhere have fantasised about being Batman ever since the World€™s Greatest Detective (suck it, Sherlock) made his bow in Detective Comics #27 over seventy-five years ago. The Caped Crusader has since become one of popular fiction€™s most enduring icons and moved well beyond the comic book medium: finding allies in Tim Burton, Christopher Nolan, Rocksteady Studios and the team behind Batman: The Animated Series. Bruce Wayne also managed to add a few faces to his Rogue's Gallery in the shape of the 1960s TV series brain trust and Joel Schumacher. Everyone will soon find out whether Zack Snyder is destined to be remembered as friend or foe, but whatever goes down in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice shouldn€™t really make too much difference. After showing up in so many comics, cartoons, films, video games and every conceivable form of merchandising, the Bat-Symbol stands alongside the Golden Arches, the Nike swoosh and the Coca-Cola lettering as one of the most recognisable logos on Earth, and even when the current golden age of superhero popularity comes to an end, the Dark Knight will live to fight another day. How much of a Batman fan are you really? Finding out how much of the following trivia you knew already should give you an idea€
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