10 Things You Didn't Know About Thor

Turns out even the God of Thunder has his secrets...

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Thor: Ragnarok is finally upon us (read our thoughts on it here), and it's clear for all to see that it's a love letter to the character Stan Lee, his brother Larry and Jack Kirby created.

He's a well-travelled hero, so it should come as no surprise, then, to hear that there's a whole lot more to the character than his cinematic features would suggest. Likewise, much of the Odinson's comics history has yet to surface on other fronts, with only Jason Aaron bearing the torch in his continuing (and critically acclaimed) stint on the character's 700 issue-long comic book.

Thor's been to Hel and back again, and while much has been made - quite rightly - of Jane Foster's time with Mjolnir, she isn't the first character to take on the mantle of the God of Thunder. There are a whole bunch of Thors out there, in actual fact, each with their own powers, traits and - in Throg's case - visual quirks (seriously, he's a literal Frog).

There've been multiple weapons, identities and villains to have made their way into the world of Marvel's flagship Asgardian, and while those details may prove to be elusive amongst both the Marvel faithful and their mainstream counterparts, there's no harm getting the message out there that, in every sense, there's more to the character than the films would suggest.

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