10 Things You Need To Know About Oscar Isaac's Moon Knight

There are plenty of reasons to be excited about the MCU's next street-level vigilante...

Moon Knight Oscar Isaac
Marvel / Lucasfilm

After nearly two dozen movies under the Marvel Cinematic Universe's belt, casual fans could've been forgiven for assumimg Marvel Studios' creative reservoir had run dry.

When it was announced Moon Knight was coming to Disney+, with Oscar Isaac depicting the character, people wondered what the big deal was. Considering he's a vigilante who patrols his city at night, he sounds like another Batman rip-off. Do we really need ANOTHER B-List superhero in an overstuffed cinematic universe? Aren't we getting sick of seeing generic crimefighters in an already bloated genre?

But Moon Knight is not to be underestimated. Marvel Studios wouldn't invest an entire series in a character unless they truly believed they had a lot of potential. And in many ways, Moon Knight is the most inventive and original superhero in the MCU yet. (Considering we've had a talking racoon and a tree with a three-word vocabulary, that's a pretty bold statement.)

But who is Moon Knight? What makes him stand out? Why should we be excited for his new show? After looking at these 10 facts about the Lunar Legionnaire, you should be psyched to see the MCU's latest superhero.

10. He Was Inspired By A Moon God

Moon Knight Oscar Isaac
Marvel Comics

Before he took on the title of Moon Knight, Marc Spector was a highly trained CIA agent and US Marine. After being discharged due to his unstable behaviour, (we'll get to that, don't worry), Marc lost his way and became a mercenary and assassin. While on assignment in Egypt, his squad stumbled upon a sacred temple which housed an idol of the moon god, Khonshu.

The team's leader, Raoul Bushman, revealed that the real reason he sought this temple was because it contained a vast amount of gold. Because Bushman wasn't a big fan of sharing, he shot his teammates, mortally wounding Marc.

Before Marc perished, he placed his hand on the statue of Khonshu, connecting his spirit to the moon god. The deity promised to heal Marc's injuries and endow him with divine power if he became an avatar of Khonshu.

Believing he had wasted his life as a work-for-hire killer, Marc thought becoming Khonshu's agent of vengeance was his opportunity to redeem himself. After accepting Khonshu's terms, Marc discarded his old life and became the crime-fighting vigilante, Moon Knight.


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