10 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Spider-Man

9. Smartest Spider In The Web

Teresa Parker Spider-Man Sister
Marvel Comics

While he is nowhere near the intelligence levels of Reed Richards, Tony Stark, or Moon Girl, Spider-Man has a genius-level intellect. In fact, his IQ in high school was the same as Reed's at that time. Peter graduated as the Valedictorian of his high school. After attending both college and graduate school, he has expertise in applied sciences, biology, chemistry, engineering, mathematics, mechanics, and physics.

Peter was still in high school when he designed and created his web-shooters and the web fluid completely on his own. He also created his Spider Tracers, small bugs that are keyed into his Spider-Sense, to tag opponents who might get away from him. Thomas Fireheart’s team of scientists were unable to crack the formula to the web fluid.

Among his other intellectual feats, Spider-Man was able to break through the encryption that Iron Man had put on his Iron Spider Armor that was given to him by Tony at the beginning of the superhero "Civil War" and take full control of it. Peter also discovered a phenomenon that he dubbed the Parker Particles. The particles, also known as Alpha Energy, were a hyper-kinetic form of energy that was tied to the expansion of the universe. It was a near-limitless source of power that struck high school student Andy Maguire and transformed him into a being more powerful than the Hulk. Spider-Man was able to remove all but a small fraction of that power, ending a universal threat in the "Alpha" story arc in Amazing Spider-Man.

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