10 Times Batman Died (And What Happened Next)

When the Dark Knight falls, you better believe there's going to be an impact in the DC Universe.


Back in the 1990s, there was a ton of hullabaloo about a certain Man of Steel biting the bullet. But, in reality, comic book characters die all the time, mostly without any major fanfare. Case in point, Batman, has kicked the bucket more often than most comic book characters with little to no fanfare.

Fortunately, death in comics is rarely anything more than a minor inconvenience, and most characters return to the land of the living after a short while. For Batman, that's not necessarily always the case, thanks, in large part, to DC's use of multiple Earths, each with their own realities.

When the Dark Knight bites the big one, it's usually in some alternate Earth. DC's main continuity has seen Batman fall as well every once in a while, but he always finds a way back, sooner or later.

Batman is a key character, and he's one of the most important superheroes in any version of the DC Universe, so when he does die, it's usually a pretty big deal for the people closest to him. While he's died many times, here are some of the most intense demises of the Dark Knight in his eighty-odd years of history.

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